Product 2 Market Readiness

"We help our customers to increase the success rate of their developed products."
Thomas Steinm├╝ller (CEO, Nagus Group)

Many companies have a lot of innovative ideas. Only few of those ideas can make it to the final step: the market. And even then, only few of them pay off the amount of money which was previously spent for the development.

  1. Technical Readiness - Our technical Experts will identify together with your engineers: 
    - technical audit
    - optimization possibilities
    - cost (production and development) and sales potential analysis
    - We also assist you in searching and applying for fundings for your product development. 
  2. Market opportunities Analysis  - The international NAGUS Network of Experts is capable to evaluate most of the markets worldwide. The best product cannot be sold when the market is not ready for it. 
  3. Product Readiness 
    - What is necessary to sell your product?
    - How do you enter different markets?
    - Which special market conditions do you have to consider?
    - What are your competitors and how to beat them?
    These and a lot of more questions must be analysed and answered before the start. 
  4. We are passionate in bringing your product to MARKET READINESS - As soon as all prior steps are accomplished, our international NAGUS Network of Experts can help you with your start into the new market.

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