Management Reporting 

  1. Key Performance Indicators - We will help you to understand the difference between Key Figures and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)? Which one is best for your business?
  2. Reporting- Have you enough of reports full of numbers and colors? Where you don't see within a few seconds, if your company is running into difficulties. Our promise to you: If you don't understand within few seconds the real situation of your business, we'll rework the whole report until you are able to immediately see and understand the situation of your company.
  3. Save time = save money - even small automatisation of periodic data input or calculations can free a big amount of time.
  4. NAGUS reporting styles = optimized visibility of KPI's - According to the principles of Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert ("Information Design"), our experts will astonish you how visible and cleaned up a professional designed Management Cockpit can look like. Don't hesitate to book now your free consulting for 30 minutes
  5. For Small business and Big Corporations

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